Young Adults

Young Adulthood is a challenging yet critical time in the life of every Orthodox Christian. The transition from school to the working world to marriage can be filled with uncertainty and require a lot of decision-making that Young Adults may not always feel fully prepared for. 


Those who have graduated high school and are moving away to attend college may find OCF helpful in locating a church and staying connected to Christ.

We have begun hosting a monthly discussion series for Young Adults, tackling current issues in society. Our goal is to understand what the Church teaches and how we might engage those not in agreement with the teachings of the Church in regard to these issues. 

Our fourth YA discussion topic is on the issue of sexuality. It is entitled 'What God Has Joined Together: An Orthodox Christian Understanding of Sexuality' and will be held on Thursday, February 25th at 7pm via Zoom. Contact the church office if you'd like to receive the link to participate in this discussion. 


The power of music is seen and felt around us every day. Some songs just get stuck in your head and won't go away. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. The Orthodox Church understands the impact that music can have on the soul. It also understands the impact that prayer can have on the soul. This is why it combines both of these elements for our spiritual growth and benefit. 

Perhaps no service does this more beautifully than Paraklesis, at which we ask for the intercessions of the Theotokos, the Mother of God. Come and develop a relationship with God's Mother, our Mother, bring the names of those you wish to pray for and cast your own cares upon the Lord. Get a good song stuck in your head, a song of prayer. 

Join us at 5 pm every Wednesday night for this service! 

Read here to learn more about this particular icon of the Theotokos 'Quick to Hear.'

We have begun a new Young Adult Ministry: 'Orthodoxy on Tap.' This ministry seeks to gather Orthodox Christian Young Adults in the Reading area and offer a time of fellowship and spiritual teaching. 

Our first meeting in February was held at Chatty Monk's Brewery.' When You Fast: A Look at Fasting in the Orthodox Tradition' was a great discussion on the place of fasting in Orthodox Christianity and in our lives. 

A recent saint on fasting: St. John of Kronstadt on Fasting

Our second meeting was held on March 17th and was celebrated with Vespers for St. Patrick the Enlightener of Ireland. We also had a lengthy discussion about the details of his life. 

Read about the saint here: St. Patrick of Ireland 


Contact Dino for more information.

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