Any boy in 3rd-12th grade is permitted to serve as an Acolyte (Altar Server) in the Holy Altar for Divine services. This is both a privilege and a serious commitment for both parents and boys who will serve.

If your boy isn't currently on a list but you would like him to be in an Altar Group please contact Dino or the church office.


List of Acolyte Groups & Scheduled Date of Service

  Group 1 (Thrones) Group 2 (Powers) Group 3 (Seraphim) Group 4 (Archangels)
January 3     x  
January 10       x
January 17 x      
January 24   x    
January 31     x  
February 7       x
February 14 x      
February 21   x    
February 28     x  
March 7       x
March 14  x      
March 21   x    
March 28     x  
April 4       x


Refer to this guide to learn more: Altar Server Guide