Message of Faith #6; Green Phase Does Not Mean "Green Light" (But we are getting closer!)

Date: June 27, 2020

Dear Sts. Constantine and Helen Family!
We have been given permission by His Eminence Metropolitan Savas to enter into the Green Phase of The Road Ahead. What does this mean? We may now fill our church up to 50% capacity for worship services as long as we continue to wear masks and socially/physically distance ourselves from others. Family members who are already not distancing from each other may sit all together in church as well.
Green Phase also means that we may now welcome back our seniors, those 65 years of age and older, as long as they are still taking every precaution (especially if they have a compromised immune system). The only people who are excluded from worship are those who are actively experiencing symptoms of COVID 19.
We also will return to our normal manner of receiving Holy Communion. However, those who may still have anxiety about receiving and who wish to continue to receive in the more "protected" manner that we adopted during the Yellow Phase will be given a chance to continue to commune in this way. Fr. Deacon Jim Elliker will be offering Holy Communion only to those who choose to continue to receive in the Slavic (more protected) style of keeping our hands folded over our chests, tilting our heads back and opening our mouths wide so that he may simply tip the Holy Communion from the communion spoon into our mouths.
Green Phase Does Not Mean Green Light
We are still keeping some of the other practices that we began when the threat of the virus first became known. Although we may now venerate the icons as we are accustomed to, we are also condoning those who still feel more comfortable to simply bow. When you arrive at church you will need to sign-in so that we can keep track of everyone who attends each service. This is in case there is a renewed outbreak of Covid19 and we find out someone who was in church was an asymptomatic carrier which would necessitate letting everyone else who attended that day know as well. Also, we will not be holding coffee hour this first Sunday to get used to simply being back in church together but, hopefully, will be opening up the hall next Sunday while still following the social distancing guidelines that are spelled out in The Road Ahead Green Phase policies. Click here to see the Green Phase Procedures.
Because we were quarantined for both Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day we are looking to give out our Mother and Father of the Year awards in just a few weeks. We will let everyone know which Sunday once we have verified that they will be there. We will be holding services for the feasts of Sts. Peter & Paul and the 12 Holy Apostles on Monday and Tuesday.
COVID 19 Hope Fund  
We are attaching the appeal which was mailed out a few weeks ago from the Stewardship committee.  We have formed a special COVID 19 Hope Fund to give our parishioners the opportunity to help cover the shortage that we are facing from the lack of donations that normally come in through candle and tray donations as well as the stewardship offerings that are placed in the weekly trays. If all of us give just a little it will add up to quite a chunk of change and help keep us afloat in these stormy waters. At the same time we know and appreciate the difficulties that many of our families have been facing because of being quarantined from their work. If anyone is especially burdened please contact me so that I can direct you to funds that the Archdiocese has made available for families in need within our Archdiocese during this pandemic.
I welcome all of you back to our beautiful Sts. Constantine & Helen church and our heavenly worship services with these words of our Lord and Savior, 
"Blessed are all those who come in the Name of the Lord"!
Gratefully Yours,